Featuring the mask buddies teams,

Team Rabbit Mask Buddies - Intelligent, social and affectionate Team Rabbit are an adorable bunch of bunnies always helpful and reminding everyone to wear their mask securely.
                                 Grass Rabbit Mask Box Rabbits in Blue sleek scribbles 

Team Cat Mask Buddies - Active, inquisitive and gentle Team Cat are scampering around town ensuring everyone is practising good hygiene. These Kitties would stop at nothing to help anyone in need.

Pink Cat Mask Box Holder sleek scribbles

Team Dog Mask Buddies – Loyal, Courageous and fun-loving Team Dog are out and about ensuring everyone sanitisers their hands. These supportive little puppies would cheer you on and be there when you need them.

Grey Dog Mask Holder sleek scribbles

Mask Buddies to the rescue…
Our furry friends, all have a common goal of being ambassadors of being socially responsible, armed with mask and sanitiser they are out to give friendly reminders to slow and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Why you should get a mask case - Keeping your mask while you enjoy a meal is usually, a tedious task, store them instead in a nifty mask case instead, the slim design of the mask box makes it possible to fit any bag without being too obstructive. It keeps your mask dry and dust-free. The mask cases can also be used to store disposable mask, just reach in to grab a fresh mask when you need it, it will stay in perfect shape and not crumple with the mask box to protect it.

Made of PP plastic/food grade plastic Measurement: L19 X B11X W1.2cm

Material: PP plastic/food-grade plastic

Care Instructions: Just gently wipe clean with a wet wipe.

Design: In-house design, printed on both sides of the box.

Get this conversation striking mask storage box today.

Sleek scribbles, not just a mere scribble… But Scribbles and doodles with heart.

All our designs are done in-house, inspired by our love for household pets with their colourful characters and personalities. Through our artwork, we hope it would bring awareness for good animal care for our furry friend as we hate animal cruelty. A pet is a friend for life not for a moment of frenzy because pets aren’t toys.

A lot of thought, effort and research to ensure that we produced a mask case of good quality and durability. Our friend played a big part in the designing process suggesting the colour scheme and adjustment to the little details.

Please leave us any feedback if you have any, as we always strive to improve.