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Sleek Scribbles Corgi Kueh Lapis Mask Box Mask Case

I have always been fascinated with the multi-coloured Kueh Lapis, it is the only colourful sticky tea time snack that is stacked 9 times to form a rectangular cube. The texture of the cake is a rather wobbly kind of like pudding but on the firmer side, it has the take of coconut milk.

The Origins of 9 layers Kueh Lapis, JIU CENG GAO () - This colourful cake is popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, it is a Peranakan cake which has characters from both Malay and Chinese cuisine. The cake has 9 layers as the number 9 has an auspicious sound to it meaning to it in the Chinese culture which means longevity.

The layering technique of this cake may have been inspired by the Indonesian kueh lapis which is a baked cake, in the 17th century the Dutch brought over their baking skills and techniques using a cylindrical spit. A Spekkoek is an Indo-Dutch creation, a cake with a thousand layers developed during colonial times. Other similar layer cakes are found in Germany, the Baumkuchen, Dutch and the Portuguese Bebinca.

The 9 layer kueh lapis, however, is a steamed cake, in both Malay and Chinese cultures used this steaming method for cakes and use an entirely different ingredient from the Indonesian Kueh Lapis. For Kueh lapis the main ingredients are butter, wheat flours, eggs and sugar of 9 layer kueh rice and tapioca flour.

How to consume the 9 layer kueh lapis –
Some say there is a right way of eating this colourful cake, by peeling the layers and consuming it one by one because it feels very satisfying to peel the sticky layers of the cake apart. To me, all it matter is you enjoy your treat doesn’t matter the method you use.

The Corgi 9 layer Kueh Lapis Design was inspired by my neighbour’s adorable Corgi. No, don’t worry no dogs were harmed or fed a Kueh Lapis. I was enjoying my JIU CENG GAO (九层糕)one day when I caught a glimpse of my neighbour walking her dog in the garden below, I was inspired…

I adore Corgis for their tenacious, fun-loving and playful persona would just bring a smile to my face as I watch them strut around the place with their short legs and chubby bodies. I wanted to depict their colourful personality in the design. Blues skies, colourful cakes and an adorable puppy are a few of my favourite things… I could break out in song haha.