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Rainy weather blues… during the rainy season when it is raining cats and dogs one can really wonder what to do with a soaking wet umbrella. As there is the etiquette for meal times and when meeting people and amazingly for wet umbrellas, today I am going to share a couple of ways you can manage that wet umbrella.

water absorbent umbrella cover with rabbit and ice gems

Simple umbrella etiquette - Shake your umbrella outside before you enter a building, that way you would minimise the number of puddles when you enter the place, a wet floor can be a fall slippery hazard to others as well as dirty the floors. Do not block your view with the umbrella so you can see what is in front of you and not bump into others. When approaching others to lift your umbrella higher if you are tall or lower your umbrella if you are short so you do not bump the other person with the umbrella.

How I store my umbrella on a rainy day - I have been using a plastic bag to store a soaking wet umbrella whenever it rains. It does the job of keeping my other items in my bag dry but it tends to be rather bulky and occupies a lot of space in my bag and heaven forbids a hole from being poked into the plastic bag while it is in the bag allowing the rainwater to spill all over your bag. Doing a little shopping during a rainy day is rather troublesome to bring lugging around a wet umbrella, yes, and many places offer plastic umbrella sleeves but it would be much better for the environment to reduce the usage of single-use plastics. The solution owns an absorbent umbrella bag made with nylon and microfiber cloth umbrella bags are a great way to keep a soaking wet umbrella away with ease.

Sleek Scribbles has designed our very own water-absorbent umbrella cover after testing out the product during a shopping trip at the mall I found that entering the mall does not have to be a hassle as it used to be scrabbling to stuff my foldable umbrella in a plastic umbrella sleeve. Just by popping my umbrella into the umbrella bag, I was good to go. I could either keep the umbrella in my bag or hang it on to the handle of the umbrella bag. Boarding the bus isn’t troublesome anymore I don’t have to struggle to place my umbrella in the plastic bag just placing the umbrella in the umbrella cover and popping it in my bag preventing the floor of the bus and seats from getting wet.

absorbent umbrella covers in four designs


Our Umbrella covers come in four adorable designs, Corgi 9 Layer Kueh, Ice Kacang Party, Gem with me Everybunny, Tutu Kueh Cats Umbrella Cover, yummy traditional Singaporean treat from yesteryear but still enjoyed by many today.

I hope this article helps you chase away the rainy day blues, get an umbrella cover today, it makes a very useful gift as well so do share with your friends about Sleek Scribble’s umbrella covers.