How to add Cococart to an existing website - Sleek Scribbles

Being a start-up of a home-based business is difficult especially when it comes to coordinating orders. I got to know about Cococart earlier this year and found it very useful in helping me generate orders from Instagram, no more long DM messaging.

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Sleek Scribbles is currently using a blogger website and Cococart to pass on the savings from hosting an ecommerce website to our customers, keeping the prices of our products affordable. We have always strived to keep our products pocket friendly, adorable and well made.


How to add a shopping cart to your blogger blog-If you already have an established website or blog and would like to begin selling merchandise adding a shopping cart to it is a breeze with Cococart, why Cococart ? Because it is free to use and you can process payment safely with Stripe payment or Paynow. All you need to do is the HTML Tag To Create Inline Frames. Just copy the code from this website and paste it on a post or static page with your Cococart address and you are good to go.

For Example

<iframe width="560" height="315" src=" " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Just key in your Cococart website between the “ “. In addition, paste it in a post in HTML view on blogger.

Benefits of having a full website with Cococart- Cococart itself is an excellent software but if you would like to include more information about your shoppers having additional pages is useful to navigate and place all the information they may require on the blog. Other pages like frequently ask questions and reviews may attract your customer and show that your store is well established and trustworthy; a domain which you can purchase with Cococart or for your blog would also show that you are credible and serious about running your business.

Cococart takes less than 5 minutes to set up and is excellent for keeping inventory of your items and scheduling deliveries, what amazes me is in the short span of a year the team at Cococart have listen to the feedback of its users and contently strived to improve the platform. Linking your products to Instagram is now possible making it easier for your followers to seek out your merchandise while showing multiple images of your product. click on this link to begin your retail journey today, it begins free from USD$5.00 you will be able to unlock functions such as analytics and promotion codes.