Reusable Drink Carrier Bags Makes the Environment Safer - Sleek Scribbles

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Other than using plastic bags in a grocery store, you can use a reusable bag, so why not use a reusable canvas carrier for your drinks.

Environmental Impact of using single-use plastics-
Studies have shown that plastic bags have caused the death of turtles, birds and sea animals, which ingest plastic. Although many would say that canvas and cotton use more water and resources to make, I have not seen a canvas bag flying around in the air is blown by the wind when the bag is not properly disposed and is it possible to ensure every plastic bag ever made is properly disposed of.

Benefits of using a reusable drink holder-
They are less likely to break and your hands will not feel colds or get scald by your beverage. Using a reusable every time you purchase a beverage when you are shopping or just need a quick thirst quencher greatly reduces the amount of plastic that would end up in a landfill. Do consider using reusable straws too as many animals mistake these as food and get hurt or die eating plastic in turn when we consume seafood that has microplastics that can get into our blood or organs and be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Sleek Scribbles has created our own range of carrier bags that can fit different sizes of bubble tea be it standard or large, it also fits coffee cups, tumblers and water bottles. The canvas handle is sewn onto the bag making it lightweight.

Carry your bubble tea in style with the boba buddy carrier - the must-have accessory for boba lovers!

Product Details
-Easily transport your bubble tea without getting cold hands!
-Fits most standard regular and large bubble teacups
-Reusable and eco-friendly

Reduce single-use plastic by carrying beverages in this adorable Bubble Tea holder/carrier.

Material: Canvas
Dimensions : 15cm ,16cm
Strap base : 8cm

Having the discipline to keep reusing the bags and carries we purchase will greatly help the environment, I really dislike it when the amount of plastic bags I have at home pile up so as much as possible I strive to reduce the amount of plastic bags I use when I go shopping or purchase my favourite milkshakes, juices and bubble teas. It is difficult and I do forget at times but I just remind myself once I get home and pack my carrier or reusable bag into my handbag for my next trip out.

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