Ways To Remember to Wear a Mask - Sleek Scribbles

                                       Sleek Scribbles Dogs with mask on
The new normal is to wear a mask while you are out due to the covid-19 Pandemic, wearing a mask helps to reduce the transmission of droplets the main way of transmission of covid-19 and in this case, if a person is infected it prevents them from spreading to others before heading to the hospital. At times one tends to forget to put on our mask before heading out, here are some ways you could remind yourself to put on your mask.


Tips for storing your coronavirus face masks at home -Place a box of masks or your reusable mask after washing near the entrance of your home or near your keys so when you reach out for your keys you will most likely see your mask triggering you to put it on first.

Prevent cross-contamination of items in your bags from your mask – Another good way to ensure you do not forget your mask is to keep it in a mask case or pouch before placing it in your bag. Keeping an extra mask in your bag in case you forget is a great excessively, many a times I find myself downstairs of my apartment without a mask but I would dodge into my handbag and grab one to use.

Accessorizing your mask will help you not forget it- Using a mask lanyard or chain will help make the mask a part of your everyday life, they are useful as you can dangle the mask around your neck much like with glasses when they are not in use. There are many designs available but do ensure that they are of a suitable length for you not too long that they droop and not too short that they would choke you if possible try to get the adjustable type of mask lanyard or chains.

Getting kids to wear their masks – Children sometimes would refuse to wear their masks but with some encouragement and guidance, they will oblige. You would have to use child-friendly langue to explain to them the importance of wearing a mask although wearing one is uncomfortable, allow them to choose the designs of the mask, as there is a vast range available in the market these days. If they behave well offer them a reward like stickers, Sleek Scribbles has the latest collection of animal pals wearing masks and stickers, which you can find in the shop section of our blog. Practice with them and get them used to the idea of having these face-coverings on a daily basis.

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