Cable Organizer Bag - Sleek Scribbles


I like to keep my desk neat and tidy but when you own electronics such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets, you would have a ton of chargers, cables and accessories that come along with them. In addition, when I am on the move, my phone battery tends to run low due to the many apps and functions I use.


These days when we have to commute back and forth from the home and the office due to work from home at a moment’s notice, being organised has become a necessity. Keeping all our gadgets and cables in check saves us time; as we do not have to fumble among our belongings to retrieve what is needed. Or if you are a student and would like to get a project or research done at a cafe, having a handy pouch to grab and go along with a pencil case and other daily essentials saves you the effort of searching for all that is required and gathering it together. 

Cable Organizer Bag - A nifty cable organizer bag is a good way to store a power bank and cables that you require when you are out, should you drop the bag it is cushioned and will absorb the impact protecting your power bank. An organizer bag also ensures that your cables are not entangled. Having a waterproof bag helps as well due to the case where a water bottle leaks in your bag your electronics and cable will be protected from the water and not be damaged.

Benefits of keeping your chargers and cables in a bag vs plastic container- I prefer to keep my cables and charges in bags rather than in a plastic container because I can keep my charger and its cable neatly in a bag rather than in a plastic container which most likely is jumbled up after a couple of uses. In a bag that has sections, you can safely keep the cable and charger in a particular fashion. Bags are more versatile because you can bring them out with you while plastic containers would be better for keeping in the drawers. I also like to arrange different cables for different appliances and electronics in different bags.

Sleek Scribbles specially designed Electronics Accessories Organizer Pouch are sturdy and well made with oxford cloth with has padding sewn into the bag making it waterproof and able to absorb impact. The grey shaded bag has our Scribble Pals artwork printed onto it featuring our newest pet pal Chinchilla along with pals, rabbit cat and dog. Adorable animals holding a power bank and charging cable. At Sleek Scribbles, we love all household pets and hope to bring awareness of good animal care through our art, we will be introducing more furry friends as we built our line of products I hope that you would lend us your continued support.