Cococart Community in Singapore

Cococart was created in hopes of helping local businesses manage their own sales without apps or marketplaces that charge unsustainable fees and commissions. 

I in turn would like to do my part for the community and give exposure to small businesses like Sleek Scribbles. A space to showcase yummy treats, works of art and cool products. 

If you have a Cocoacart site do feel free to reach out, the listing is free. 

The Shy Crafter

The Shy Crafter was created by a mother of 4, who was inspired by her second child with special needs. Over the years, in her attempts to facilitate her child to alleviate his sensory disturbances with clay moulding, she discovered her own passion for polymer clay crafts in late 2020.

Her newly-sparked enthusiasm for the craft birthed her creations for polymer clay accessories in the form of jewellery, keychains, mobile phone charms, brooch pins & magnets. She makes miniature impressions of her native Singaporean delicacies, Western pastries & also florals, meticulously crafting every single piece by hand. If there’s something on your mind that you would like her to customise for you, just drop her a DM via IG or WhatsApp to start chatting. Not forgetting to mention that pet figurine customisation is also another one of her fortes.

Instagram: the_shy_crafter


The Cloud9 Co cococart


The Cloud9 Co

Small batch handmade polymer clay accessories with design from simple everyday wear to unique design for special occasions!
100% handmade with love, a perfect gift to you and your love ones!



clay art white leaves earring

Disgift has sourced and shipped this embroidery Woof tee to help raise funds for HOPE dog rescue. This free size embroidery tee is from Daughter Stuff, a local brand in Thailand. It is non-sheer and unisex. have also sourced various items from different countries. Visit to get your one-stop worldwide shopping with ready stocks available!

Instagram :


disgift t shirt

ASH.CLAYS cococart


Artisanal polymer clay accessories that are 100% handmade with love! High-quality earrings and barrettes with unique designs from food to florals to quirky patterns for every occasion!


Site :



Dapiku Sweets cococart

Dapiku Sweets

A home-based sweet maker in Singapore.
We use only halal ingredients and are made with love in a Muslim household.

Instagram: dapikusweets

                                               Ohwhatfun cococart


Ohwhatfun offers fun and pocket-friendly polymer clay earrings that are designed by a clay enthusiast. Designs are mostly pastels and dreamy just how I like them to be!

Instagram: ohwhatfun_


Lilac Dreams  ohwhatfun_ earrings



Feeling Salty about life? That’s basically me every day but channelling the energy into baking. All our bakes are less sweet and used with the best ingredients we can find. Head over to order some now!

Instagram: thesaltybaker.



     Flavour Lab SG

The Lab of Flavour-licious Butter. Homemade and handcrafted with passion & creativity. Discover the flavours we create to connect people and inspire good memories.

Flavoured butter is the new trend! From sweet to savoury, there are several flavours to choose from. We even have unique and original flavours. Our delectable and adorable butter will surely make you crave for more!


Assorted Butter Blocks of Butter  Uni Haw Flake Blue, Maple Backn, Ube Cheddar and Seaweed


I’m a self-taught digital artist! I love sloths and I have 2 cats hence they’re my inspiration! I’m selling stationaries & embroidery products in my shop!

Instagram: slothcattos




Crochet. Crafts. Scented wax tablets. Perfect gifts for self, friends and family

Instagram:florahrah offer a beauty collection with Premium ingredients and positive results. We carry Oudao, COLLEET and CAVILLA.

In 2021, I have decided to launch our very first Handcrafted Premium Scrunchies. From selection to fabric, thread, elastic, getting the right dimension for individual fabric to match the perfect size.

We are on Cococart, Shopee and Instagram😊 Visit us for more updates



bimbo coffee sg logo


Bimbo Coffee SG
Handcrafted ☕️
Wild | Unconventional | Tasty Shots 💥
Brewed to order chilled coffee, we infuse the flavours ourselves. Nothing artificial!

Our beans are carefully chosen to match different profiles. You will find that we use a variety of beans for different flavours to bring out the best in each bottle!

We also provide a “no sugar” option upon request.

Head over to our cococart whenever you need a caffeine fix.

We want to see you soon!

Join our bimbotic journey
Bimbo Coffee ❤️


Cinnamon Coffee by bimbo coffee

Melon Coffee by bimbo coffee

white coffee by bimbo coffee



The hobbyist behind drawingbridges enjoys painting with acrylic and sculpting with clay. She started her Instagram account in 2019 as a way to share her art which bridges music and animals, but has, ever since, expanded it to become a journal that encompasses anything that comes to her mind. Currently, the drawingbridges shop features original works in the form of original paintings, prints, handmade clay plant pots and other accessories.

Instagram : drawingbridges

Blue owl painting  drawingbridges


Dust and Sparklers

Dust and Sparklers offer quality handmade accessories for mummy and daughter. Our handmade items celebrate the beauty and power of the environment.

Instagram: Dust and Sparklers


Floral Headband with blue flowers



 hi! I'm a digital artist and I draw my doggie, and my other 2 characters (a cat and a chick) hehe! I'm making products such as keychains, stickers, washi, and prints and hopefully many more to come! I hope my art/products make your day :D

Instagram: ysyarts



cute key chains





What we sell:- Square Hijab, also known as Tudung Bawal
-. Other muslimah essentials like handsocks, niqab and socks

Why we sell:
- To encourage modest wear at affordable prices
- Square Shawl or Tudung Bawal is rare to find in Singapore as the younger generation thinks it’s old fashioned. So we would like to make it a trend for the younger generation of Muslim women to wear Tudung Bawal by making them minimalist so they are timeless

Instagram: munimodern


Square Hijab

Square Hijab



fuwafuwaclay is a small business focused on earrings: cute, fluffy and precious! "fuwa fuwa" - the Japanese onomatopoeia for something fluffy, brings with it the hope that you will enjoy their sweet and cute creations, which will add an extra touch to your daily outfits! fuwafuwaclay was created as an outlet for creativity, and the hope of bringing just a little bit of joy to everyone: like a fluffy cloud drifting by on a blissful day. 

Instagram fuwafuwaclay

cloud clay earring



Fash X Area
A small business selling both resin and clay accessories! 🖤 Perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones!

plastic flowers with dried flowers resin craft

Instagram: Fash X Area


 hxxkedd is a small store curated by a girl who loves everything related to the arts. After giving up on pursuing her passion for the university, she has decided to start up this Instagram store to share her love for crafting and crocheting with the world.

We provide 100% handmade and creative designs for you! We accept customs so let your imagination flow ~
let us get you hxxkedd!

Instagram :hxxkedd

panda cup holder